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Dragon Magic Mix


The original product that inspired the entire shop!

Meet Dragon Magic Mix, the ultimate, functional superfood mix alchemically blended to fuel all of you from the inside out.  Zero sugar added. This unique superfood mix is extremely versatile. Add powder to your smoothies, yogurt bowls, baked goods or chocolate treats. There is unlimited possibilities of your own culinary masterpieces waiting to be discovered. 
When you consume daily, magical things will start to happen such as:⁠
🐉you won’t need to take as many supplements⁠
🐉your weight will begin to shed off⁠ naturally
🐉you'll experience an energy and mood boost⁠
🐉your stress reduces⁠

And many other magical shifts can happen when you flood your body daily with all the 27 functional ingredients inside Dragon Magic Mix. ⁠

Ingredients: Ceremonial grade cacao powder, raw organic hemp seeds,  coconut flour, cold-processed hemp protein powder, raw maca, raw mesquite, raw  tocotrienols, raw carob, MSM,  raw  reishi, raw cordyceps, raw chaga, raw  mesima, raw  lion’s mane, raw turkey tail, raw maitake, raw shiitake, raw blazei, raw poria, raw agarikon, raw suehirotake, raw oyster, raw true tinder polypore, camu-camu, rhodiola, hawthorn berry & Himalayan salt. 

 *Dragon Magic Mix is the new name for the original SHINE Superfood Powder* 

 Click HERE for delicious Dragon 🐉 Mylk Recipe😋

 Plant Powered | Organic | Gluten Free | Non GMO | Dairy Free | No Fillers | Grain Free